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Click here for your FREE Rental Estimate

What does this mean for you as a resident to be apart of the “Resident Benefits Package”? More value & protection!

$100,000 Limited Renter’s Liability Policy

Real Property Management Heritage has established an umbrella policy that will give all residents in the Resident Benefits Package a $100,000 Limited Renter’s Legal Liability coverage for damage to the landlord’s property for fire, smoke, explosion, backup or overflow of sewer, drain or sump, water damage, and falling objects. This service alone is valued at around $20 a month.

Claim Assistance

The administration cost to file a claim is $500. Real Property Management Heritage will split this claim administration cost with the resident should the resident need to file a claim. Value $250.

Utility Concierge

Once you sign the lease, we set up a call with Utility Concierge to help you set up your utilities. Typically it just takes one phone call, and you’re all set. Value $50.

HVAC Filters

When renting a single family home, the resident is expected to maintain the filters while under contract. This means the resident has to know the size and remember to purchase the filter at the store. NOT ANYMORE! We worked out a plan with a third party filter company that will deliver time stamped filters to your home. You just have to switch out the filter upon receiving the new filter. Value: $25 a month.

Tenant Portal / Scheduled Payments

Most DIY landlords accept rent payments by Venmo, Paypal, mailing in a check or depositing a check into their bank account. What a hassle to remember every month to pay and risk late fees. This is no longer a problem! We pay for the top of the line online software that allows you to auto-schedule your rent payments through your online portal. Value $5 a month.

24 / 7 Maintenance Hotline

No more waiting for the Landlord to get off work to take a resident’s call or answer their email. We partnered with a 24/7 Maintenance Team to take all maintenance calls, coordinate repairs, and our Local Team will oversee each step of the way. All residents have the emergency maintenance phone number to call day or night, even on holidays and weekends for ANY maintenance reason.

Texting Capabilities

Real Property Management Heritage has invested in software that will allow the resident to get immediate responses through texting. From maintenance repairs to simple questions. We realize that many resident prefer to text and not email, so we added a service to allow you to communicate with our office in your preferred way. Value $5 a month.

Waiver of 1 Late Fee

Real Property Management Heritage realizes that a resident might require a couple of extra days to pay because life happens. We understand. We will waive one late fee per contract year if the payment is made before the 10th of the month. Value $100.

Pay by Credit Card

Yes you can pay by credit card! You’ll earn the points and keep your cash. A processing fee may apply.

On-Time Payment Credit Reporting

Make your rent payments on-time, and we automatically report those on-time payments towards your credit report via Experian RentBureau. That means when you need to use your credit, your Credit Report is boosted from on-time rental payments. Most DIY Landlord’s and apartment complexes don’t do this at all. Value $Your Credit Score is Priceless