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Does Your Houston Heights Tenant Have a Green Thumb?

Houston Heights Rental Property with Perfectly Maintained Yard with Flower BedsThere are a myriads of renters who are proud of their Houston Heights rental households, so much so that they need to ensure it is kept attractive and in good condition. For the property titleholder, these tenants are usually the finest because they will execute an awesome job in maintaining the property.

For the majority of renters, a simple yet neat yard is all they crave or desire. If the landscaping is easy to do, property owners can realistically believe that their tenants will put in the work needed to make it look good. Owners should clearly explain their expectations about keeping up the yard, and who is responsible for mowing lawns, weeding flower beds or gravel areas, and so on.

Finding a tenant who is amenable to do all of this stuff is necessary. But what happens if a tenant wants to build features that go beyond basic maintenance, especially those that would require permanent transformation in the elements of the garden and landscaping? Tenants with a green thumb may want to make certain changes, such as adding, moving, or cutting down trees or other plantings, planting a vegetable garden, or even installing a fence, walkway, or patio.

Expecting a tenant to maintain a well-kept yard is one thing; making big changes without a license, regardless if it’s elegant or adeptly accomplished, is another. Changes of this kind are in direct violation of most leases. In fact, if a tenant does alter the landscaping, it is their responsibility to put it back to its original condition upon moving out. If they can’t (or won’t), they may be subject to penalties or even eviction proceedings.

As difficult as it may be to assume, tenants of Houston Heights rental homes may not appreciate that going beyond their contractual landscaping maintenance responsibilities may violate the terms of their lease. They may even reckon that they are doing the property owner a favor by adding something striking in the yard. For that reason, property owners must be scrupulous in clearly making the distinction between maintenance and major alterations and to thoroughly define any possible legal action that may develop.

At Real Property Management Heritage, we include clear statements about yard maintenance and alterations in all of our leases, removing the conjecture out of the discussion. We also perform regular property evaluations for all of our customers, and can take appropriate action to have trees and bushes trimmed, lawns edged, or intervene in a resident’s unsanctioned yard improvement plans, if required. If you would like to gain more info about our property management services in Houston Heights, please contact us online or call 832-708-8157 for details.

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