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Click here for your FREE Rental Estimate

Move Out Guide

🏡🚛 We understand that moving can be stressful. That’s why we made this easy to follow guide. If you have any questions along the way, just give our offices a call at 832.701.0766.

Important to remember: You are responsible for all rent, charges, and fees through the duration of your contracted lease, even if you move out before your lease term ends.

Give Notice

Log into your tenant portal and Give Notice to move out.


📫 Mail Forward: Forward your mail to your new address by filling out this form with the US Postal Service: Any mail left behind will be returned to sender. If you need us to collect any mail after moving out, call our office and we can swing by the home for a $75 trip fee.

📩 Forwarding Address: If you did not submit your notice with a forwarding address, let us know so we can mail your security deposit.

⚡ Terminate Utilities: Contact your utility companies to terminate utilities on the day your lease ends.

🧹 Hire a move-out cleaner: For stress-free move-out, simply hire our preferred vendor More Hands Maids to perform the move-out cleaning. Make sure to select the Move Out option, and complete the cleaning even if it exceeds the hourly estimate.

Cleaning Checklist

  • Remove everything. Do not leave anything, even if you may think the next tenant might want it (i.e. cleaning equipment/supplies, hand/dish soap, light bubs, etc.)
  • All trash should already be collected, no trash left in the trash bin or on the street. ($75 trip fee to empty trash or move trash bins out of the street)
  • Wash/Wipe all walls, baseboards, door frames, etc. (Make sure there are no black marks on walls or dirt on door frame)Wash/Wipe all window tracking (make sure there is no dirt or bugs)
  • Wash/Wipe all window sills, windows, blinds.
  • Wash/Wipe and disinfect all bathrooms, showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, mirrors, counters, medicine cabinet, etc.
  • Wash/Wipe and disinfect everything in kitchen, counter tops, sinks, disposal, cupboards, etc.
  • Wash/Wipe and disinfect inside and outside of the refrigerator, sweep and mop behind and wipe down walls.
  • Wash/Wipe outside and inside of dishwasher, no hard water should be visible
  • Wash/Wipe the inside and outside of the oven, burners, drip pans, bottom drawer, sweep and mop under stove and wipe down walls behind oven.
  • Wash/Wipe Microwave inside and out (Make sure to de-grease if installed over oven)
  • De-grease and clean the fan and hood cover over oven
  • De-grease and clean all light covers and fixtures.
  • Clean all fans and vents on ceilings, walls and floors (remove dirt and dead bugs)
  • Remove all cobwebs and dust throughout entire home.
  • Sweep out the garage, shed, porch front and back.
  • Sweep, Mop and Scrub all vinyl, tile, and hard floors. Any moldy tile spots will be charged.
  • Remove all trash from the yard.
  • Remove any debris from walls and ceilings. Any nail / screw holes etc. on walls should not be visible.
  • Replace any burned out or missing light bulbs and replace any low batteries in smoke detectors.
  • Mow all grass/lawn, trim up any and all bushes/shrubbery, rake lawn and clean up the yard.
  • Have repairs done on any damage you or your pets have caused. It can be less expensive if you take care of your own damages.
  • Check A/C filter, change if dirty

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet holds dirt, human oils, animal dander, and so much more. Vacuuming is not sufficient. The carpet was professionally cleaned before your arrival and must be professionally cleaned before your departure.

We will send out our carpet cleaner and deduct the cost from your security deposit. If you choose to pay for the carpet cleaning separately, please provide a receipt to [email protected]

Return Keys

🔑 Keys: Drop off keys to our office before midnight of your lease termination date. We will perform the move-out walkthrough inspection on our own and provide you with the results.

Office location: 1919 Decatur St, Houston TX 77007, Monday – Friday 8-5pm. If your lease ends a weekend, drop off keys by 12pm noon on the following Monday.

For example, your lease ends on Saturday March 31. Drop off the keys to the office by 12pm noon on Monday, April 2.

Move-Out Inspection

📋 Final Move Out Evaluation: A move out evaluation will be conducted by one of our staff after your lease end date. You do not need to be present.

💸 Security Deposit Disbursement: After the property has been evaluated post move out, and damages (if any) and/or cleaning needs have been assessed, any remaining balance of your deposit will be mailed to your forwarding address 30 days after your move out. If you need an expedited Security Deposit return, we can return the deposit within 14 days for an expedited Security Deposit return fee of $200.